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‘Everybody Knows My Name’ is a song written by Bob Gaudio and originally recorded by the Four Seasons in 1966. It wasn’t a hit for them at the time and as such is one of their lesser-known tracks. However it has an extremely powerful narrative that even today captures perfectly the potential emptiness of wealth, fame and success.

The adapter, director and one of the actors in the piece, Philip Bulcock, takes up the story…

‘I was lucky enough to be cast as Nick Massi, one of the original members of the Four Seasons, in a terrific show (about the Four Seasons) called ‘Jersey Boys’ in London’s West End. I’d done careful research and knew all about the songs that were performed during the course of the show but not ‘Everybody…” as it was only quoted from by the Frankie Valli character…

Frankie: It reminded me of a song Bob (Gaudio) wrote, “I climbed the ladder of success, I’m one step higher than the rest I’ve got the guts I’ve passed the test believe me friend that’s all there is there ain’t no more. But if you’ve got a home and a family then you’ve got much more than me.”

As soon as I could, I listened to what had become the ‘mystery song’, in my dressing room and straight away I thought it was special. A great melody with Frankie giving his usual emotive vocal and such poignant, timeless lyrics, it wasn’t long before the idea for the film was born.’

Inspired by the artistry of the stage show ‘Jersey Boys’ and as a tribute to the outstanding talents of the Four Seasons, this film, shot on 35mm, is produced to an extremely high, painstaking standard by Fully Operational Films in association with Easy Tiger Productions. It stars the four original cast ‘Seasons’ from the West End production of ‘Jersey Boys’, Ryan Molloy, Stephen Ashfield, Glenn Carter and Philip Bulcock and as such, the film also serves as a testament to their friendship, a friendship that remarkably withstood the trials and tribulations of sharing the same stage for over two years.